Jane C. Barrick, Author
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About the Author
  Jane C. Barrick, Author     As a Social Services professional in Long Term Care, Jane C. Barrick has dealt with those experiencing grief and loss for over 30 years. She has lead dozens of Grief & Loss support groups, counseled numerous individuals and completed extensive coursework in the field of Thanatology (the study of death and dying).

     She is a freelance writer and the author of "Through the Eyes of Faith", a collection of personal work inspired by both everyday occurrences and life changing events.

     Seeing life from the perspective of "Christian realism", Jane believes that God is at work in all things while caring about the most intimate details of our lives.

     After the tragic loss of her adult son in 2006, she found herself on a dark and life shattering journey. Prayer provided Jane with strength for each step of the journey, daily comfort and hope for the future.

     In the Grief & Loss Prayer Book Jane draws from a strong faith, personal experiences, and professional knowledge to help the fellow traveler on their journey through this difficult time. Her sincere prayer is that you may gain as much from reading the book as she has gained from writing it.
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  Topic:  "Life is Unfair...and God is Where?" (Isaiah 41:10)  
Jane C. Barrick, Author     When asked to write this book, there was no doubt in my mind; God was answering my prayers to rediscover purpose and peace in my life after loss. I have reached into the depths of my heart and soul to share my personal journey with you. Having been the recipient of ever-present support and comfort, I have gained a renewed source of faith and strength in spite of loss. My deepest desire is to "pass it forward". My prayer is that the "Grief & Loss Prayer Book" will encourage, provide support, comfort, and strength for your darkest hours. Please do not give up, for your hope and peace may just be around the next bend in the road. 
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